Tbi dating

11-Jul-2017 23:44

Many ABI survivors were in relationships at the time of their injury.However, an injury can mean major changes to the relationship, for both the survivor and the partner.Scientists are trying to understand the different sources of relationship problems after brain injury and figure out ways to address them.Why does it become more difficult for many persons with brain injury to develop and maintain relationships?Both people will have to adjust to the changes after a brain injury, which can be a stressful period.Maintaining a relationship is often dependant on communication.Well, a lot of things change, but an area that researchers are very interested in now is emotion.

A brain injury can add one more level of complexity.Understanding this aspect may not happen immediately; often people need to adjust to life post-ABI before reexamining dating and relationship needs. Meeting new people in public places, not giving out personal information or loaning money, and feeling comfortable to say no if you feel uncomfortable, is essential when dating.

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